Thank You, Next – 5 Development Design Trends That Should Be Left in 2018

If you’re thinking about purchasing or building a new home, you’ve probably already started looking at properties. You’ve also probably realized the number of decisions that you have to make, especially if your home is custom designed.

You need a home that suits your needs but is also built with a style that lasts. Whether or not you have an image in mind, we want to get you one step closer to finding your ideal home.

We’re here to help and have rounded up 5 design trends that are safe to cross off your home wishlist.

1. Cookie Cutter “Spec” Homes

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You know the neighbourhood: four versions of the same house built up street after street? They are built quickly by the builder and sold as-is to the homeowner, from structure to landscape. It’s a never-ending view of monochromatic colours – not to mention the confusion for visiting family and friends. In 2019, why choose a spec home when your home could show your character and be customized for your family living. Standards have changed, and homes built with integrity, as well as individuality, are within reach for the mid-range homeowner. At Genesis On The Lakes, we pay attention to the small details that transform the property you buy into your beloved home.  Even our townhomes subdivision “Genesis Court” offers beautiful starter-homes for young families and reasonable retiree living (starting around $370,000). Though some of them look the same on the outside they allow you to chose custom finishes making your home your own on the inside.  Every single-family home (starting around $500,000) in the neighborhood has a unique design and custom feel.

Take a tour of our show homes in Genesis On The Lakes.

2. Pre-Fab Doors

While pre-fabricated doors may seem like a bargain, the installation, replacement costs, and fire danger can be frustrating and dangerous. We believe in supporting local trades whenever possible. We like to keep our client’s investment fueling our Alberta economy and custom doors from skilled woodworkers is a key way to do that. In Genesis On The Lakes, we work with our builders to ensure longevity, durability, and safety for every home. Many of our builders use custom doors built by Alberta’s woodworking tradesmen, from the front entrance to the interior doors for pantry and patio. Builders often inspect each door to make sure they match throughout the house (Stellar Home Pictured Above). We want each doorway of your home to be customized to your tastes, without sacrificing quality and safety.

3. Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are a dead giveaway as a sign of the past. They were used as a cost-effective alternative to painting the ceiling, so contractors could hide imperfections. However, they can easily trap dirt and dust in their design. Instead, updated homes are opting for coffered ceilings or high ceilings with exposed raw beam supports.

At Genesis On The Lakes, our luxury and even some mid-range homes have custom ceilings and features installed by, Culham Custom Woodwork, creating everything from unique ceilings to beautiful crown moulding, libraries, shelving, and closets. Our mid-range homes might use “California Knockdown” that provides a cost-effective texture that won’t leave your home feeling outdated.  

4. Skinny Roads

New developers often focus on quantity, fitting as many houses into their subdivision as possible. A lack of individuality can be one outcome, but there can also be negatives imposed on a resident’s day-to-day life. For example, narrow roads don’t account for adequate snow removal or parking.

In Genesis On The Lakes, we planned for streets that are wide enough to remove snow before you’re up for work and out the door. Our job doesn’t end with home design and our land isn’t developed in an untenable way. We’re devoted to your lifestyle, and making daily activities seamless for you and your family. Our architectural guidelines guarantee that everyone has access to their own driveway and main roads after the snow. There is always adequate parking for friends to visit. Our neighborhoods are designed to make it easy to be a good neighbor!

5. Energy Vampires

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Energy efficiency is key for sustainable, cost-effective, living. When building a home it is important to look at the ‘hidden costs.’ Property taxes, energy efficiency, and lifestyle changes are important to consider. No one likes an excessive power bill! Smart homes are one way to help keep your money in the bank. From smart HVAC and watering systems, landscaping, light bulbs, and flooring –  there are many options to explore. Our builders can work with you to create not only an energy efficient home but one that’s smart as well. Smart features include the ability to lock your doors, turn off your lights, and secure your home as you pull away from your driveway.

Genesis On The Lakes is about looking into the future. We’re committed to homes that are unique, efficient and suited to your family and lifestyle.

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