Five Design Trends for Your New Custom Home

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start thinking about design trends for your home. You may not know what options are available or where to start. You may want to consider factors such as flexibility, space and colour. We can help you use these ideas to bring a uniqueness to your custom home that will never go out of style.

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1. Grey and neutral tones

The simplicity of these tones make them work well year-round. Grey and neutral tones compliment almost all other colours in the home whether in paint, furnishings or accents.They work for those that like to explore bold colours, leaving greater opportunity with furniture and other design elements. Neutral colours are also welcomed by those inclined to use calmer colour palettes. They allow themes for monochromatic rooms. While darker paint colours make a statement, neutral tones help accentuate an open and inviting room. Simplicity and sophistication are key here. There is still plenty of room for bold statements later!

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2. Natural finishes

Even inside the home, spaces are designed to imitate the serenity of nature. Natural finishes like wood or stone can make the home seem clean and cozy. You can add these simple touches into any room inside the home. It can take the form of extra detailing around the fireplace, coffered ceilings, or the furniture in the bedroom. Accents of wood paired with houseplants or succulents can mirror an outdoor landscape. These colours and textures will age well, providing functionality as well as style to your home.

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3. Minimalist bedrooms

A well designed bedroom invites calm. A clean space complements the trend of decluttering, and allows for a relaxing space. Minimalist bedrooms include monochromatic themes, often using white and grey tones. It also means reducing the amount of furniture in the room. By strategically placing furniture and using only the items you need, you leave the room open and functional. Further considerations include lighting, acknowledging both lighting inside the room and taking advantage of natural sunlight. Use these factors to create a naturally relaxing environment for your bedroom.



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4. Finished basements

A finished basement is a simple way to bring space and depth into the home. An open concept or walkout basement is a space for multi-purpose use or can be used as a themed space, such as a theatre room. Taller ceilings further emphasize the openness without the area seeming crowded in height and depth. The area can be enjoyed by visiting family and friends, allowing adults or children to have a space to relax. Segmenting the basement can include room for a comfortable guest space. Designing the basement allows it to serve as a functional extension of the home.

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5. Large windows

Even windows are moving into a minimalist fashion, aimed to enhance the home and nature. Large windows give a natural lighting source to a large room during the day. Simple lines and shapes emphasize the view outside the window, rather than the thickness or curvature of a decorative frame. Windows are meant to complement the other areas in your home. Larger windows mean a brighter space, especially to appreciate the landscape outside. The sleek lines can add a welcome contrast to the home against neutrals and whites.

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A new custom home can mean an overwhelming number of decisions and planning. Let us help you build the forever home of your dreams. Our builders focus on your vision while bringing value through functionality. We begin with a comprehensive set of plans so things are done correctly the first time. You will see your home in digital renderings and will understand the design concept before we put a shovel into the ground. Throughout the journey, you will continue to be consulted on the design and build.

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